About Us

1- The MentorThis Story.

Coming up with a way to tell our story in a quick “About Us” blurb was one of the more difficult tasks that we came across when building the MentorThis Service. How do you quickly convey that the entire vision was launched with the goal of changing one person’s life, and everything that has been done since is geared at making that happen?

We sat down and started discussing about what brought us to where we are today and in short order realized that everything we had (Good and Bad) to say could be boiled down into our relationships. We broke down some examples of times we were discouraged by others, times we were encouraged by others, and times we decided to try to go it alone. It didn’t take long to notice how closely linked our current circumstances were tied to who we had investing in us. We had everything to owe to the people that “mentored” us. That initial discussion leads us to the question that has defined the last 12 months of our lives:

“How can we be a catalyst for personal and professional growth for anyone and everyone who wants it?”

This platform is the answer. We have developed a matching algorithm that allows us to link people of similar backgrounds with others further down their walk of life. Each relationship is monitored by a “Relationship Manager” to ensure that both the Mentors and Mentees are getting as much as they can from one another.

So whoever is reading this, know that we want you to be the best you that you can be. We are ready and hope you are too, because “IT’S TIME TO MENTORTHIS!”

2- Who We Are:

Derrick Hubbard - (Derrick@MentorThis.com)

Avid Racer, First Generation College Grad, and ultimate go-getter. He is constantly looking for ways to change the lives of those around him for the better. With over 10 years of experience in managing customer relations and two small business startups, Derrick saw the value have played and are playing in his life. This fueled his desire to start MentorThis and help others build relationships that help them realize their full potential.

Keith McWilliams - (Keith@MentorThis.com)

Scratch Golfer, Trivia Fanatic, and technically a Rocket Scientist. He loves being outdoors and working on projects around the house. He has been married for 4 years to his beautiful wife and recently moved across the country from the Deep South to the Lake Erie Snow Belt.